Trans-Atlantic Environemental Inc. re-energizing Africa one nation at a time

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International Staff

" Leadership is the ability to make goodness operate in the lives of others. " -Sterling Sill.

Fredrick Ampiah

An International Business Economist with varied international experience in management consulting, organizational development, private sector and partnership development. Advising and helping TAE with its mission in Ghana and other developing countries has been a satisfying endeavor. As a certified business incubation professional, I believe that TAE will be very successful.

Juliana Arhin

As a sociologist and an environmentalist, I can't separate a clean and healthy environment from the very existence, wellness, and prosperity of the human race. This passion is what led me to accept my role in TAE which seeks to improve the environment through the production of re-useable energy, reduction of garbage and toxic waste problems and improving health conditions in developing countries.


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