The trip to Akorkorme-Kperti on March 30, 2019 was eventful and successful.

Mission Summary

Akorkorme-Kperti lacks:

1. Electricity (light)
2. Water
3. Road
4. Infrastructure.
5. Community library.

1. Light

We planned for about 300 solar lights for the people (including the kids), but the demand was overwhelming. We had about 550 villagers at the grounds.

2. Water

The main source of water is a small stream and a murky pond.

3. Road

The road network is very bad. Accessibility was difficult. A journey of 15 minutes took us almost an hour.

4. Infrastructure

The Assembly of God church building is the only structure built with cement blocks. All the housing units are made of mud & thatch or local materials.

5. Community library

The distribution of exercise & text books to the children brought great Joy, Hope, and excitement to Akorkorme-Kperti and its surrounding villages.


There were about 550 people people present and 53 came forward for prayer.
The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are only few. We need more resources to continue to reach villages like Akorkorme-Kperti and its surrounding villages. We pray for more workers on the mission field. Amen!