TRANS-ATLANTIC ENVIRONMENTAL, INC. (TAE) A non-profit 501(C)(3) organization committed to improving the environment through the production of re-useable energy, reduction of waste related illnesses in developing countries, and helping those communities to establish sustainable economic development.

DRIVING FORCE BEHIND CHANGE True success is the only thing that you cannot have unless and until you have offered it to others. - Sri Chinmoy

Sankofa Lite Dec 2012

2013 : Time to Act

The African Diaspora has made significant contributions to modern America; in business, education, sports, just to name a few. A recent U.S. census pegged the total African population in the U.S. at around 3.2 million; there are probably twice as many unaccounted for. Unfortunately, it is sad to note that due to their lack of active participation in American politics, their voices are drowned out– their opinions unheard.

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Sankofa Lite Nov 2012

The International Conference on Governance and Security in Africa

The recent conference on governance and security in the Great Lakes Region, and by extension, Africa, was held in Hotel des Mille Collines (Hotel Rwanda), Kigali, Rwanda in early November with attendance by over 100 scholars, organizational leaders, policy makers and analysts, and journalists from the Great Lakes Region (Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, DR Congo, and Kenya), United States, and Europe. TAE President, Dr. Daniel Kwame Acquaah, Dr. Lionel von Frederick, and Mr. Mauro De Lorenzo, represented the United States. The conference aimed at strategizing and finding practical ways to established peace in the region.

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Sankofa Lite Oct 2012

CSUS , Cooper - Woodson College scholars meet with TAE President on leaderhip

Under the leadership of Dr. Boatamo Mosupyoe, Director of PAN African Studies at the California State University, Sacramento, many young people are discovering their potential as future leaders in regional and international affairs. Some of these young men and women are the first in their entire families to go to college, while others have been written off as failures, and some have just about given up their pursuit for higher learning. These students face complex challenges that are sometimes misunderstood by observers.

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Sankofa Lite Sep 2012


TAE President, Dr. Daniel Kwame Acquaah addressed delegates at Rwanda Day 2012 in Boston on September 22, 2012. Present was His Excellency President Paul Kagame and the First Lady Mrs. Kagame; Hon. Louise Mushikiwabo, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation; Hon. John Rwangombwa, Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, and Rwandan Ambassador to the U.S. Hon. James Kimonyo.

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End of Year Edition 2013

2013 in a nutshell

This year has been a very exciting year for TAE. Together, we’ve had a successful year! We started the year with our eye on East Africa and an increased desire to understand the challenges in that region. Going into the year with an eyeopening journey to Rwanda, we were able to get a small window into the struggles of the countries within the region known as the Great Lakes Region, particularly Burundi.

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Sankofa Lite Feb-Mar 2013

Wangari Maathi-An Africa Environmental Pioneer

Professor Wangari was born in 1940 in Nyeru , Kenya. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in Biological Science from Mount St. Scholastica College, Kansas, she went on to earn her master’s degree from the University of Pittsburg in 1966. She would eventually earn a doctorate from the University of Nairobi where she also taught veterinary anatomy.

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Sankofa Lite Jan-Feb 2013

An African Star : Judge Awoniyi

In celebration of Black history month, and of course, African pride, the African community in the Sacramento Metropolitan Area is proud to see one of their own, Honorable Bunmi Awoniyi on the California Superior Court bench! California Governor Jerry Brown recently named four new Superior Court judges for the Central Valley. Among the judicial appointments announced was the appointment of 48-year-old Nigerian woman, Bunmi O.

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Sankofa Lite May-June 2013

Environmental Week Celebrations

Each year, several activities are organized around the world, including celebrations with the aim of honoring the earth and calling attention to environmental conservation. Several dates marked throughout the calendar year attest to efforts made by various organizations through out the world for this purpose.

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Sankofa Lite Sep-Oct 2013

AJ in the Philippines

I never fully understood the saying “Home is where the heart is,” a popular quote from Gaius Plinius Secundus (also known as Pliny, the elder) a roman naturalist, commander, and poet , until during a recent vacation trip. Imagine a life where there was no home to call your own with no city, town, or village to call your own. A life where basic necessities such as, food, water, and shelter are luxurious items. Most people are lucky enough only to hear of such abject misery from the media such as the news, newspaper articles, and on famous social media sites such as Youtube and Facebook. For the people of a small Filipino village, that is not the case.

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TAE vol 1

Cal State University Sacramento Partners with TAE Ghana Initiative

California State University Sacramento (CSUS) President, Alexander Gonzalez, met with TAE President Dr. Kwame Acquaah on October 7th and offered the support of the university for TAE‘s Ghana Waste-to-Energy Initiative.

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TAE vol 2

What do you know about GHANA ?

The Waste-to-Energy initiative took on a new dimension in June 2011. The President visited Ghana to assess the waste condition and to consummate agreements between the Government of Ghana.

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Sankofa Lite 2014-15

A campaign to squash the negative effects of kerosene lanterns on poor families in developing countries

The immediate desire is to bring solar lamps to roughly 2,000 households in Bongo in the Upper East region of Ghana by mid-2014. The estimated population is 20,115. The citizens of this region are among the poorest of the nation and live in an infrastructure with no electricity and treated water.They use kerosene lanterns for their lighting needs. These kerosene lanterns have many negative effects on the population and the environment. The fumes from the lanterns have resulted in many respiratory diseases and other health issues, including blindness; midwives struggle to deliver babies at night; and children perform very poorly in school because they don’t have access to lighting during the night when they have to study or do their homework.

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Sankofa Lite 2016-17

Light the World Campaign donates solar lamps to school kids, Lighting the path to a brighter future!

What joy it was for me to see the children of Logba Tota, Dufi & Abayeme smile when we donated solar powered lanterns, exercise and text books to them on Sunday 26th February 2017 ! They were all smiles.
The Abayeme and Dufi villages are high up the Logba mountains. We drove about 20-25 minutes through cocoa farms, thick bushes and very dangerous places to get to Tota, the lowest part of the area from off the Eastern Corridor roads in the Volta Region. Tota is the lowest of the area to which electricity power could be accessed. To get to Abayeme and Dufi, one will have to climb another 2hrs up the mountain by foot. It has therefore been impossible to get electrical power to them (at least, in our minds or those of our politicians). So even though these people are part of Ghana and actually vote too, they cannot benefit from the “national cake”. The are are farmers and produce cocoa, banana, coffee, etc which they carry down the mountains on their heads.

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The Noohra - Tae Issue 19 | VOL. 1


The day dawned with fair weather, a notable omen in a season of sudden downpours and heavy winds. The team set off by motorized boat on a serene sail up stream the River Volta to the Island of Awadiokome.

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The Lite October - 2018

The Journey to Ayehoklay

After overcoming several obstacles on our way to Ayehoklay, the Light the World Missions team finally arrived to a waiting crowd under a tree. As we entered the corridor leading to the gathering, I felt a very unusual tension in the air. I immediately began to pray silently as we approached the people. My team had been on a 7 day fast leading to the outreach so I believe they were also ready for action. 

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Sankofa Lite Vol 1 - 2018

The Harvest

Harvest often comes with investment of time, effort, and connection. Our first mission trip target in the year was to Mensakrom which was greeted with outstanding success and opportunities to connect with two other villages—Obuasi and Mango Ase, and Awukuman Senior Secondary School. At Mensakrom, we had the privilege of enjoying the richness of the people, their heart and optimism for light and life. In fact, our team sat under the trees in the village with members of the community and chatted about life in general in the village. One of the people we encountered was a retired teacher, who had returned to Mensakrom. He needed farming shoes but could not afford one. We promised to provide the retired teacher, affectionately known as Teacher Amos wellington boots to fulfill his dreams.

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